FLASH: CoLab access is limited due to COVID-19. Laser bookings are available for one person or for a small group belonging to the same household, but not for other groups. Check the CoLab web site for updates.

Welcome! If you have not already taken the laser training class, your next step is to find a scheduled laser training class and sign up for it (there’s a link in the details for each class). Only people who have completed the training may sign up for time on the laser.

This calendar is read-only. In order to schedule time on the laser, please fill out this short form. A volunteer will review your request (usually within a few hours) and get back to you. When your request is approved, you’ll not only have time reserved on the laser, but also a Colab key holder will have committed to be there to open the building for you. If no key holder is available for the time(s) you request, they’ll try to find a mutually agreeable time for you to use the laser.