Raster-Preventing Bug in RE3D

Lately we’ve observed a strange behavior in the print driver settings for the “Full Spectrum Engineering Driver” printer created by Retina Engrave 3D. The paper size shows as “Letter” by default, but is actually set to 36×48 inches. Since the program can’t handle rasters that big, it means that rasters just don’t show up. Trying to print excessively large rasters also seems to cause other parts of the program to misbehave in random ways.

There’s probably a setting somewhere that will fix this. Until we find it, the workaround is to go into the “Advanced” settings and change the paper size to something else, and then back to the size you actually want (Letter is good if your art fits, otherwise use the smallest paper size your art will fit on). This resets the paper size setting and the driver behaves as expected.

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