Laser Training

I’ll be offering a series of training classes in laser operation, starting as soon as possible after the laser is up and running. I hope that will be in early August. To start with, we’ll concentrate on the important safety rules that everybody has to know, basic understanding of the workflow to produce work on the laser, and the detailed steps to get this particular laser to do its tricks for you. Attendance at one of these basic training classes will be mandatory for anybody wishing to use the laser.

Later on, I hope to have some more advanced classes and workshops, if people are interested.

I will try to offer a variety of times: daytime, evening, weekday, weekend. Comments on which time slots are best would be welcome.

Once the details have been arranged, I’ll let you know how to sign up for a class. The lab is tiny, so class size will be limited, and you’ll have to sign up in advance.


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