Installation schedule

At the Colab managers meeting on July 10, we set some dates for the next few major milestones in the laser project:

  • July 12, Natural will knock out the end wall of the laser lab and frame it up as a raw opening.
  • Sometime the next week, a rented forklift and skilled operator will pick up the laser and oh-so-carefully deposit it in the upstairs laser lab through the opening.
  • July 26, Natural will build some kind of new wall/doors/windows to close off the end wall opening.
  • Once the wall is safe again, Paul will begin hooking up the laser. Expect at least a few days of fiddling around before any actual lasing takes place.
  • July 31, first laser training class (for Colab managers only).

After that, we hope to get started pretty quickly with training classes and your laser projects!

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