First Jobs Run on the Laser

With the exhaust blower installed and ducted, and wired up enough to be used, the laser is now capable of doing work! I successfully ran vector engraving and cutting jobs on paper, thin plywood, and corrugated cardboard.

Running at full power seems to be more than our existing circuit breaker can handle. The circuit is wired for 20A but only has a 15A breaker, so there’s reason to hope that a simple breaker upgrade will solve the problem. If not, we’ll need to do more wiring work.

I’m waiting for word from the manufacturer on how best to level the Z table, which is far enough out of level to cause problems for large jobs.

One thought on “First Jobs Run on the Laser

  1. Full Spectrum Laser sent me a procedure for leveling the table, and the table is now level (parallel with the XY plane, anyhow).

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