Avoid Fast Z motion

Yesterday I took the laser partway apart, looking for reasons why the Z-axis table keeps getting out of alignment. I think I know more than I did before, but I still don’t fully understand what’s happening. The problem seems to be in the acme threaded nut that rides up and down on the right rear acme threaded rod. You can hear the mechanism going “clunk clunk clunk” when that corner is slipping out of alignment.

This mainly seems to happen when the table is going UP in the FAST Z mode. That makes sense, because that’s when the mechanism is working hardest to lift the weight on the table, the honeycomb mesh, and your workpiece.

So, I am asking all laser users to please avoid using FAST Z motion until I’m able to isolate and fix the problem. It may take you a few extra seconds to focus using SLOW Z only, but it will help keep the table aligned and the laser working well. Thanks for your cooperation.

Update: problem has been fixed. You may use FAST Z motion normally unless you encounter that “clunk clunk clunk” sound again.

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