HEPA Air Cleaner in the Laser Room

I’ve placed a HEPA air filter and cleaner in the laser room, in the hope that it will reduce the general stench of burned material and also cut down on the ambient dust level. It’s not in any way a substitute for the laser’s exhaust blower, which vents almost all the smoke to the outside. The HEPA filter is just for our comfort when we’re in the laser room.

The HEPA filter has a timer built in. I suggest you set it to run for 8 hours (the longest timer setting) when you leave the room, if you’ve made any smoke during that session. We’ll see how well that works.

HEPA Air Cleaner

HEPA Air Cleaner

January Classes Scheduled

Basic laser operation and safety class is scheduled for Sunday, January 11th at 1pm, and for Sunday, January 18th at 1pm.

Please email me class@colaser.org to reserve your place in either class. Because the laser room is small, the class size is limited to 6.

Expect about 90 minutes in the classroom, followed by practical hands-on exercises in the laser room. Once you complete the class, you’ll be able to schedule time on the laser to do your own projects.