Red dot laser (still) not working

On June 23, I had to remove the beam combiner that routes the red dot spotting laser through the same optics as the cutting laser, because the cumulative damage had pretty much destroyed it. Until the beam combiner is replaced, there will be no red dot to help you see where the laser will hit your material. I have ordered a new beam combiner, and a spare.

Update (August 4): In order to get a reasonable price on this specialized optical beam combiner, I ordered direct from a supplier in China. They quote a usual shipping time of 12-20 days. It has now been 41 days. Overdue, but I can’t open a dispute until 60 days have passed. If the slow boat doesn’t eventually arrive, I’ll have to re-order.

Until then, I hope you’re not having too much trouble using the laser without the red dot.